Arizona Series : Watercolor Workshops!

az edible with textaz rare and protected

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

I am so excited to announce my new watercolor class series! I have just listed another one to the collection; Edible Plants in Arizona. I have limited seating available for each one so get your ticket while you can!! The Native Plants class has sold out but there is still some room in my Rare & Protected class and newly listed Edible plants! To get tickets and learn more info click hereĀ !

Learn about your desert plants and how to paint them as well! Can’t wait to paint with you all!

Rachel šŸ™‚


cce networking

Yesterday I attended a networking event for CraftCultureEvents. It was so amazing!

I would describe myself as a shy person but in the last 6 months I have been trying really hard to break out of my shell. I think this event gave me a boost of confidence I needed to keep me going with Pink Puddle Studio.


This was the first networking event that I have been to for Pink Puddle and I was not sure what to expect. As soon as I arrived I saw everyone mingling with one another, as if they had known each other for years. Not knowing anyone was beneficialĀ because I did not have a crutch. I was thinking “You go girl!”

After talking to some lovely local creatives we all sat down for our threeĀ course lunch. Ā In between all the socializing we all managed to fill our bellies with our meal of choiceĀ and strawberry shortcake! Yum!

We all got up to talk to people from the other table and mix and mingled. I was proud of myself for being so social! It helped to be around people who were so kind and open to my story.

I am working on beingĀ more confident in myself and my dream so I can vocalize it to others. In the past, I think one of the reasons I got shy around someone who asked me about my profession was because I had little confidence. I am in the beginning stage so many things are trial and error and not quite defined, but I know this is normal. Ā I want this so badly and I need to be confident when talking to people about it!! WOOHOOO! hahaha!

After explaining what I do multiple times made the next time easier and so on and so forth.

All in all it was great to meet so many awesome women and I hope to meet up with them again!

It makes me even MORE excited for the CraftCultureEvent in February :)!!