Arizona Series : Watercolor Workshops!

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Happy Wednesday everyone!!

I am so excited to announce my new watercolor class series! I have just listed another one to the collection; Edible Plants in Arizona. I have limited seating available for each one so get your ticket while you can!! The Native Plants class has sold out but there is still some room in my Rare & Protected class and newly listed Edible plants! To get tickets and learn more info click here !

Learn about your desert plants and how to paint them as well! Can’t wait to paint with you all!

Rachel 🙂

Fall Workshops Pumpkin Painting and Desert Blooms Oct 24th

Join Allison, of Teaspressa, and I for a pumpkin extravaganza! We will be painting 3 mini pumpkins and drinking pumpkin spice lattes all out on the patio of Made Art Boutique! Perfect to get you in the holiday spirit and mingle with your fellow locals!
Early bird price won’t last long @$26! Tickets here! Come get your pumpkin on!

​Earlier in the day I am hosting a Desert Blooms workshop in the beautiful studio of Cleo & Clementine. Cleo & Clementine’s new collection is inspired by floral watercolor elements, which include a dreamy purple & green color palette. We want to bring some of that inspiration to others through this workshop.

Desert Blooms will be a combination of teaching you how to watercolor paint basic succulents/cacti while incorporating flowers. Join us for an afternoon of painting! Tickets here !

Hope to see you there!!

The Beauty of Painting: Focus of my Workshops

poppies4brighter There is so much beauty in the world but we all haven’t had the time/opportunity/motivation to tap into it. You would be surprised but each person possesses a certain type of creativity. I consider myself a visual artist. My creativity is stimulated by photos and  what I see in front of me. Some people are stimulated by what they read, write, cook, solve, etc. I love working with my hands but it is different than a sculptor loving to work with their hands. When people approach me and say, “I do not have a creative bone in my body,” I never believe them just because I feel like everyone has some type of creativity, but they are either not recognizing it as being creative or not channeling it.poppies1With my workshops I really want to help people channel a creative outlet. You may not be a painter but I feel that if you experiment with one outlet it has the potential to lead you to your true passion. My workshops aren’t only about teaching you skills but they are also a way for you to tap into your creativity. I like my workshops to be more mindful than technical. I like people to work with an open mind and put perfectionism to the side.poppies2

My next workshop is at The Simple Farm. This is the perfect environment to stimulate the mind and senses.  They have beautiful gardens full of flowers, herbs, vegetables, etc. It is lush with greenery and takes you outside the Arizona desert landscape and into a sort of wonderland. Here is what I am striving for in the workshop:

Stimulation of the senses in this lush environment

Learn tips and tricks in painting wildflowers

Explore the imagination and not be concerned with the idea of perfection

Create a beautiful floral piece inspired by the gardens

To continue your search of beauty, I am providing you with a few art materials to take homeguide2

Join me on The Simple Farm May 22nd to channel your creative outlet!

Beverages and Muffins will be served! Register here

Join in on the whole “The Create Series” and sign up for The Florette’s Intro to Foraged Floral Design on May 15th and Lifecreated’s Intro to Photography with Food on May 29th here !

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to seeing you at the Farm! If you want to be informed of my upcoming workshops email me at and I will put you on my mailing list for workshops!


Flowers for Mother’s day!

Flowers Pink 8x8 peonie1 8x8edited peonie2 edited 8x8

Anyone else love Mother’s Day as much as me?! I am not even a mother yet but I love the idea of celebrating your mom 🙂 I just launched my peony series and have some awesome prints newly listed for you! Perfect timing to give your Mom or Grandmother this May! Flowers all around! Click here to visit my store! And keep your eye out on my instragram: pinkpuddlestudio for more floral watercolor classes coming soon!

Watercolor Workshop at Webster Farm: The Aftermath

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Hey everyone! I have been waiting so long for this moment!! I can not wait to show you images from the watercolor workshop I held at Webster Farm in Gilbert, AZ. The lovely Sara Bishop photographed the event. The biscuits were delicious from Rise Biscuit Co. and Allison from Teaspressa makes a mean tea! Also the gift was a collab between me and my fav Madalyn Nault Accessories 🙂

I went through a faze for a while where I wanted to be an art teacher but I quickly decided otherwise. The idea of teaching never left my mind but I knew I wanted to be in charge of the curriculum. It never crossed my mind that I would be where I am today. I knew about different workshops in the community but I never thought of them as an avenue I would be taking, until now. I had a moment I just can’t explain on this sunny day.  Being able to teach people about something you love and for your students to be excited about it is priceless. I felt so at home with this experience. I was nervous at first when I had to talk about myself but after that it was smooth sailing. I am happy to say that I have a few more in the works and I just want it to continue.

I think the thing I enjoy most about holding a workshop is bringing a community together through art. Art is so valuable ( i am obviously completely biased;) ) and it does so much for people as an outlet.

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Anyways, I hope you enjoy the photos and if you want to see when the next ones are coming up follow me on instagram @pinkpuddlestudio or shoot me an email

* Majority of these photos are by Sara Bishop but there is a mix in of student photos and some photos from Allison of Teaspressa

Love Your Locals: Watercolor Workshop March 26th Webster Farm Gilbert, AZ


Hello Everyone! I am so excited to be teaming up with Webster Farm for a wonderful creative event! I will be hosting a watercolor workshop on this beautiful farm on March 26, 2015 @ 6:30 PM. It is for all levels: beginners to experts. My main goals are for you all to have some fun, learn a few things, make new friends and relax from your day-to-day tasks.

Teapressa and Dick Blick will be sponsoring and Rise Biscuit Co will be providing small baskets of goodies!

This workshop means so much to me because I get to interact with my local community and add some color to their day! In the short time of owning Pink Puddle, I have really grown a special appreciation for my locals. I see us as team and we should help each other grow. I  definitely shop and eat more local and I feel more satisfied with my purchases. There is a feeling of sincerity that comes from buying within your community.  I guess you could say I have more Arizona pride! Haha!

Please come and have a blast with us at the farm and receive the early bird registration price of $35 ! Click this link for more info

Rach 🙂

Free the Arizona Llamas!



Being a local of Arizona, I have decided to do a series to help everyone FREE the Llamas! From this you will request a llama to free but it will be a surprise! You will get a 5×5 inch llama  for $35 🙂 Where will yours be wondering in AZ? Free one to find out!! You can find the listing on my etsy or message me at and follow me on instagram @pinkpuddlestudio

A Red Rock Dream


2015-02-06 12.59.43-1

View from the Artist Cottage window!

Hey Everyone! Sorry it has been too long. The last couple weeks have been crazy! Which included a trip to the red rocks in Sedona for a wonderful retreat for creatives.

I remember when I first found Leanne’s instagram @craftcultureevents . I was in NY visiting my friends that I met when I went to school there ( another story to tell), and while my girl Sarah was at work I was at her apartment painting and browsing the gram.  As soon as I saw the post about a retreat for creatives, #DreamRock 2015, to help them pursue their dreams, my eyes widened 2x the size. I knew this was the opportunity I needed to really get my foot in the door.

I called up my parents and asked them their thoughts. They were all for it and offered to me help cover the costs. I was the most excited I have been in a while, regarding my business.

I knew then and there I had to really focus on what I wanted to do. After I got back to AZ I went full force into my work. I can honesty say knowing i had this opportunity really helped me to get where I am today. Just from knowing this one opportunity was at my door helped me push myself to a place that I am proud to be in.

2015-02-05 13.11.43

Anyways, once Feb 4th came I had butterflies in my stomach because I was nervous  but excited at the same time. As soon as I pulled up to L’Auberge De Sedona it was like dreaming in terracotta red. I love the outdoors, so just being surrounded in such a site for 3 days was awesome.

2015-02-06 14.13.35 HDR

The MBC girls are awesome. Such great energy!

The whole experience was life changing for me, no joke. I met so many wonderful people that have been in the same situation, which made me feel so close to some of them without even really knowing them. I learned a lot about how to take my business to a place that I would like it to go. The setup was amazing, in an Artist Cottage. When my sister read the schedule where it said, “Yoga in the Artist Cottage,” she about fainted from those very words. She is an art/yoga lover. It goes to show you how much effort was put into making such a wonderful experience.

2015-02-16 11.14.57

The beautiful Leanne of Craft Culture Events. Love this pic!!

I would like to thank Leanne for all the effort she put into this and all of the sponsors. Leanne really wants people to thrive doing what they love. You find a lot of people who never share anything because they feel threatened and competitive. Thank you to everyone who talked and shared their knowledge with us. Like Ashley, from the Shine Project, said ” there is room for everyone,” and I truly believe this now.