Inspiration: Esther Lee

Esther2This past weekend one of my best friends stopped in AZ as she was on her way towards a new adventure. I met Esther Lee in my first and only college ceramics class. She had long dark hair, a maxi skirt and a creative edge, a rare find.

I would spend hours with her at Barnes and Noble just looking at magazines and talking about life. I would always have the thicker stack of fashion and wedding magazines and she would be more sensible with a few fashion and healthy living editorials. Although, she always made her way over to my stack ;).

After college ,she moved to Austin to become more involved in the arts and just be a free spirit. I love this about her, always looking for a new journey.

One day, when I came back on a break from NY, she told me, “I’m getting married!” As she showed me the ring my heart filled with joy! I did not know Eric (her hubby) but as I got to know him I witnessed a rare kindness in his heart and a love for Esther that can’t be explained.

Now  the two of them are on their way  to the rainy state to be closer to family and start a new chapter together.

Esther is an amazing artist. She has inspired me in more ways than I could ever explain. There is an energy about her that can light up a room and  my creativity. When you find people that inspire you to do what you love, tell them and hang on to them.

Visit her websites at Esther Lee Photography and Handwritten Note Studio


Thank you!

Clutch Design

instagram clutch



Hey! I have been MIA for the last couple days due to an illness but I am starting the week out feeling better. Being sick did not stop me from painting! i bought a couple clutches to experiment on and I am happy with my first outcome. I have been attempting to paint a bit looser when it comes to certain projects. I like being able to go back and forth between the 2 styles.  Let me know what you think :)!

Label Making on a Cloudy Day

pinkpuddlestudil 240x240 round gray border

Afternoon Everyone! Usually cloudy days make me feel lazy and I end up under a blanket watching movies. Doesn’t sound that bad, huh? Well I decided I was going to be productive by making my own labels for my print packaging. It is quiet easy if you have the right materials.

I used the following:

– Photoshop Elements, a printer, paper, a sticker maker and a tool for cutting

I had a circle punch, which worked perfectly with my pink puddle labels. Note: If you are using a punch make sure to set up your document on Photoshop to were there is a nice space surrounding each label, if you don’t you won’t get the full punch radius, parts will cut out.


Here is a little gem just cause!


What is a Jimigem

Boho with logo

Hey everyone! So excited for the launch of my new site. You may be wondering, what is this Jimigem she speaks of? Well it is the name of a distinct character I came up with a few years back. My art making has gone in waves, I’m sure other artists can relate. Anyways, Jimigems just started as a hobby on my downtime, but soon they started to increase my motivation to create and I couldn’t be happier. I put them on the sideline for a lil bit while I was working and trying my hand at a masters (that story will be for another day).

A Jimigem can be anything or anyone I want it to be and that means my ideas can be endless. For a while, I was making one a day and that is my goal again. If I make two a day and skip another day, that is okay too! Pictured is one I did when I was visiting my sister in Tucson. I had the house to myself and I painted it while watching Cinderella. Can you see some similarity?!  She is boho chic 🙂

until next time,



Welcome to Pink Puddle Studio! I am so excited to be able to share my art with you!  I am so blessed to be able to have the opportunity of becoming a full time artist and I don’t want to let a moment go to waste. My posts will show my art making process and final pieces. I will soon have prints up for sale on my Etsy Site, but in the mean time check out what I am selling now!

As you can see I use a mix of different mediums but mostly watercolor and gauche. I like to throw in some glitter and sequins from time to time! I hope you follow me on this journey and feel free to make comments and contact me!