Photo by: Michaela Mangum

Hey Everyone!

My name is Rachel Eskandari and I am a fine artist living in Phoenix, AZ. I specialize in a variety of painting mediums; watercolor, acrylic, gouache and oil. After graduating with a bachelor of fine arts at ASU, I explored a number of different career paths that eventually led me back to what I love doing the most; painting. In 2014 I took a leap of faith and started Pink Puddle Studio to pursue my artwork and creative passions, full-time.  I can’t put a price tag on waking up each morning knowing that I am able to throw paint on a canvas for a living. I would describe my painting style as whimsical with a touch of edge. Botanicals, fashion, and faces are a few of my favorite things to paint! I am always eager to learn and find adventures where they are least expected to be found. I hope to bring a little more beauty in the world through doing something I love.  Two thoughts I always try to keep present are to live in the moment (I still struggle with this) and fight for what you love in life. It is difficult to put into words what a whirlwind this journey has been for me so far, and to be honest, I wouldn’t trade it for all the peanut butter cups in the world!

My online shop is on Etsy at Pink Puddle Studio, offering a mix of handmade items. from prints, to clutches, customs to mugs.