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Hey Everyone! Happy Friday!

I am so excited to announce that I just launched my FIRST online watercolor workshop. You all have been asking so I delivered 🙂 . Skillshare, an online workshop platform,  reached out to me about a month ago and guided me through the whole process. Every week I would have a review and receive useful pointers. I have to say Skillshare, especially Mary and Allan have been great to work with 🙂

My first online workshop, can you believe it?!! Can you tell I am excited?!! Haha! This first video will be the first of a series called Desert Botanical and the first video will focus on painting succulents! I will go over materials, show you color swatching, stroke practice, etc!

To access the class and enroll use this link

For the launch I am giving the FIRST 25 people FREE ENROLLMENT! Click here to redeem and be 1 of the 25!

The video was a labor of love and I am so excited to share it with you all 🙂

Keep Creating,


Label Making on a Cloudy Day

pinkpuddlestudil 240x240 round gray border

Afternoon Everyone! Usually cloudy days make me feel lazy and I end up under a blanket watching movies. Doesn’t sound that bad, huh? Well I decided I was going to be productive by making my own labels for my print packaging. It is quiet easy if you have the right materials.

I used the following:

– Photoshop Elements, a printer, paper, a sticker maker and a tool for cutting

I had a circle punch, which worked perfectly with my pink puddle labels. Note: If you are using a punch make sure to set up your document on Photoshop to were there is a nice space surrounding each label, if you don’t you won’t get the full punch radius, parts will cut out.


Here is a little gem just cause!